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Facebook This is the website of the Center for Leisure and Culture Services (CLCS). We are based at the Department of International Economics and Management, Copenhagen Business School (CBS).

Our research focuses on trans-disciplinary issues in various businesses in the leisure and cultural industries, such as the fine arts, transportation, hospitality, destination management and heritage sites. CLCS aims to be a leading research center, with emphasis on global contemporary and emerging issues relevant to practice communities. The roles of CLCS are:

CLCSResearch excellence: CLCS sets the research agenda in the field of leisure and cultural industries research by addressing, evaluating and theorizing emerging and salient issues, e.g. social media and tourist experiences, sustainable tourist consumption and the social construction of aesthetics;

CLCSEngaged scholarship: CLCS mindfully engages society and the practice community, by addressing societal and industry concerns in its research, e.g. management of stakeholder interests in tourism, using employee insights in business forecasting;

CLCSEducational value: CLCS is engaged in shaping the future of higher education in areas of service, leisure and cultural industries. It actively contributes to the development of innovative research-grounded learning environments.

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